Thanos Daskalopoulos

Chief Innovation Officer

Thanos Daskalopoulos began his career as a member of the maintenance team at Delphis SA, a solutions company for climate control and facility asset management. From the position of the Business Development Director, he helped grow the maintenance department at a yearly growth rate of 80% and optimise operations by introducing and establishing a digital culture. During that period he got involved into developing energy management software, automation solutions and field service applications.

In 2016 Thanos founded, a technology start-up in the Netherlands, that developed digital assistants for facility management. The concept got significant attention in the beginning, but later on proved to be a bit too early for the market and failed to survive.

After returning to Greece in 2018, he joined Delphis once again and since then works as the Chief Innovation Officer with the goal to implement new technologies across the entire organisation and create new products/services.