Dorian Hindmarsh

Founding Partner

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh is a Director of developing a new mechanism to promote and facilitate the procurement and uptake of Electric Vehicles, based in London has been supporting OEM interaction with customers, providing a sales comparison platform for cars, bikes, and event charging infrastructure.

Dorian has been involved in the Automotive and Energy sectors for 20 years, developing businesses in both advanced and clean technology. Recently building a company to offer Tesla owners an official route to modify their EV cars without affecting their warranties, and building the world’s fastest estate car.

As CEO of Agroplas ASA Dorian was responsible for the development of Hydrogen transport fuels in Norway, and waste handling and processing equipment in the UK.

Recently Dorian has developed Proeon Systems Ltd, bringing automation and key technology to the greater energy sector including UK based National infrastructure for accurate energy management, and reduced maintenance and costs.